Water is the liquid life. It is the liquid that is involved in almost each chemical process that occurs in your cells but we usually take it for granted. We instead opt for other drinks like fruit juice, soda, coffee, alcohol or tea over water. Even though water is essential for the body, interestingly enough there is not much scientific research that has been carried out to learn more about water and how it affects our health as human beings.  Nonetheless, water is a fundamental part of leading a healthy life and its importance should not be ignored. Below are some important reasons to take more water:

It helps to you to lose weight

At the center of our brains there is an area known as hypothalamus. Its purpose is to control body temperature andyfgyubhjbjknbkjnj the sensation of thirst and hunger. Since our feeling of thirst and hunger come from the same area of your brain, we can sometimes mistake being thirstiness for our desire to consume something. That is why if you experience a craving to eat, you should try taking a glass of water and waiting for about fifteen minutes. In most instances the craving should end and you reduce your calorie intake, which results in you losing some weight.

It increases your physical performance

If you exercise on a regular basis, you should hydrate more. When you exercise you lose water at a rapid pace through your sweat and your breath as well. Research has shown that athletes lose six to ten percent of their body weight in water during intense training competitions. The dehydration experienced during training causes reduced endurance, increased fatigue, reduced motivation and increased effort. This negatively affects performance but the good news is that enough rehydration reverses everything and even lowers stress brought about by exercise and dehydration. Ensure that you hydrate before, during and after exercise to facilitate recovery and enhance your performance.

It improves your skin health

Taking more water improves skin thickness and density which helps your skin look more firm, smooth and youthful. Opting for water instead of inflammatory drinks like fruit juice, sodas, milk shakes etc. will help you to have clearer skin.

It aids digestion

rfghvbhgbhjbjbjEverything that you consume goes to your stomach first and waits there to so as to be broken down by digestive enzymes and stomach acid. After the stomach breaks down the food, it is emptied into the small intestine, where a lot of nutrients and water gets absorbed. If more water is available the absorption becomes better.